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Sometimes people have a sense of feeling unfilled in their work, perhaps that they haven’t reached their potential, or they feel stuck in a seemingly endless rut.

Making changes can seem overwhelming and risky, an almost impossible feat. Sometimes there seems too much choice, too many pathways, and sometimes it is difficult to decide where to go next. Balancing your own personal career or life aspirations with other responsibilities, in the context of family life, financial commitments and the expectations of other people can make these sorts of issues seem even harder.

I offer a structured and creative approach to coaching either face to face at my practice in Harley Street or Suffolk or via Skype. I will help you assess where you are right now, reflect on and explore how you might like to progress and how any changes might impact on your wider life, and begin to formulate a plan of how you might move forward.

Coaching - Counsellor and psychotherapist, London, Suffolk

Please Email me at
or call 07845 732496 to discuss your needs further.